Shows investors where our bid and offer prices are for a range of given underlying prices. Read on to find out how the matrix for put warrants differ from calls

Important notice: The live matrix may be updated during trading hours, and if so they will be reflected when you refresh the live matrix. The actual prices of warrants may differ from the prices displayed below. Information contained in the live matrix may not be accurate outside of our market making hours* and may occasionally be delayed. Please call us at +65 6601 0289 if you have any questions or require immediate assistance.

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Underlying bid Warrant bid Warrant offer Underlying offer
Underlying Effective gearing(X)
Type Delta(%)
Strike Volatility(%)
Exercise ratio Last trading date
Last update:

The above price matrix is a direct live feed from Macquarie’s market making system. It indicates where the market maker’s bids and offers may be based on various price points in the stock or index, and as at the last updated time stamp. Please manually refresh the live matrix for the latest prices. Note that the live matrix may not be accurate outside of market making hours. These are:

Hong Kong stock warrants: 9.30am to 11.58am,
1.00pm to 3.58pm
HSI and HSTECH warrants: 9.15am to 11.58am,
1.00pm to 4.28pm
NKY warrants: 9.00am to 11.58am,
1.00pm to 2.23pm,
2.55pm to 4.58pm
S&P 500® warrants: 9.00am to 11:58am,
1:00pm to 4:58pm
STI, SiMSCI & Singapore underlyings: 9.00am to 11:58am,
1:00pm to 4:58pm
  1. The warrant prices in the live matrix are indicative. The actual price of the warrants in the market may be different from the prices displayed on the website due to factors such as 1) the liquidity and the volatility of the warrant and the underlying as well as the relevant market conditions 2) the buying and the selling that is driven by the supply and the demand in the market 3) the delay in displaying the price 4) the various rights of the underlying and other factors that are beyond the control of derivative warrant’s issuer, the market maker, the relevant parties or the unexpected situations. Macquarie reserves the rights to consider the terms and the conditions on buying back or selling warrants on case-by-case basis, at its sole discretion.
  2. There may be occasional delays in the data feed and any information in the live matrix. Only continuous trading session prices are shown.
  3. The warrant price are provided for your personal use and is intended for information purpose only and does not constitute an offer, a solicitation, an advice, a recommendation or an indication to buy or sell the underlying securities or warrant. Macquarie shall not be liable for the accuracy or completeness of any information or for any loss or damage however caused arising in connection with any information, including without limitation any direct, indirect, special or consequential loss and loss of profits whether in part or in full.

All market data is delayed 15 mins unless otherwise indicated by timestamp.