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Live HSI trading demonstration by Robin Ho

Live HSI trading demonstration

In this LIVE demonstration video of a professional warrant trader, Robin Ho reveals his trading insights and shows how he analyses the Hang Seng Index (HSI). Filmed on the morning of 1st August 2014, it provides techniques for investors to further understand how he makes his decisions about entering and exiting the HSI market.

Key highlights include:

  • Introduction to Robin Ho
  • Trade set ups
  • Live trade demonstration plus market recap
  • Introduction to Macquarie warrants (Call and Put)
  • Where to find Live Hang Seng futures on warrants.com.sg
  • Using End of day highlights to monitor market flows

About Robin Ho

Robin Ho is a top-tier trader and remisier with PhillipCapital, and is one of the company’s most active and successful traders. Robin is also one of the firm’s most active warrant traders, and has established a successful trading track record over the years. His exemplary level of expertise led to the Singapore Exchange Academy’s appointment of Robin as a Professional Trainer to conduct seminars in 2012.

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