Win the latest
Microsoft Surface Pro worth SGD1488!

Microsoft Surface Pro (Intel Core i5, 128GB, 4GB RAM)

We are celebrating the launch of our new website and new Live Matrix tool by offering the chance for you to win the latest Microsoft Surface Pro!

Simply answer the two questions below to enter Round 2 of the contest and be in the running to win.

Round 1 : 10 Jan 2018 to 24 Jan 2018 (closed)
Round 2 : 25 Jan 2018 to 7 Feb 2018 (closed)

The Contest has closed and we have two lucky winners of the latest Microsoft Surface Pro!

We would like to thank all participants for joining us in celebrating the launch of our new website and Live Matrix by entering our Contest! Please subscribe to our newsletter to keep up to date with the daily market buzz and upcoming Macquarie events if you have not done so!

Round 1 Winner: Zen Low

Question 1: The Live Matrix tells investors where a warrant bid/offer is at based on the underlying’s bid/offer. For call warrants, the warrant bid price corresponds to the underlying’s bid price. For put warrants, the warrant ask price corresponds to the underlying’s bid price.

Question 2: We recently relaunched our website with new tools and resources for warrant investors. Tell us what you like most about our new website and why!

“The interface is neat and easier to read on mobile devices. The new feature “Live Matrix” is definitely a good additional resource for warrant traders as we can see clearly how the warrant price will move when the underlying price changes accordingly to market fluctuation. Despite being a market leader, Macquarie still continue to provide free valuable resources to traders, thanks!”

Round 2 Winner: Brian Lee

Question 1: Which futures contract month is the HSI warrants tracking now?
If you answered before 29 January 2018: HANG SENG JAN8
If you answered on and after 29 January 2018: HANG SENG FEB8
(MQ: We accept all variations as long as the month is correct!)

Question 2: Share with us your warrant trading journey. Whether you are still learning, or have traded for a while, we would like to hear your story!

“A friend shared that he is actively trading warrants lately. He said Macquarie warrants are the best so I Googled & found Being a newbie, the website is very useful & educational. I finally mustered courage to trade on 6/2 when Dow crashed 1000pts and bought a DBS MB call warrant. I received my CNY Ang Pow this morning (7/2) when I sold it for a $300 profit. This is only the beginning of my warrant journey :)”

Warrant Videos

For a quick overview of warrants trading, watch our new animated videos

Learn about warrants with the Macquarie School of Warrants. These five short videos provide a quick overview of structured warrants.
Episode 1:
What are Structure Warrants?
Other Videos
Episode 1
Trading structured warrants has become easier (0:30)
Episode 2
Episode 1: What are Structured Warrants (02:22)
Episode 3
Episode 2: Why trade Warrants (02:54)
Episode 4
Episode 3: How to select a Warrant (02:58)
Episode 5
Episode 4: How to monitor Warrant price changes? (02:51)
Episode 6
Episode 5: How to use the Live Matrix for real time warrant prices (03:46)

Episodes 3 to 5 will be available soon so stay tuned.